Fossil blog, what's up?

Made a mess of Dungeon Geist "Keep Ghost Stories Alive" CMYK prints.

Life as always has been bothersome and tedious. Small bumps in the road and such.

My mom is on her way to full recover but has some really nasty procedures yet to come which honestly bother me.

Anyways maybe i'll dump some shit on here when i'm not busy goofing off and scootin' about town.


Rat Mage lulz

Spent a whole day in the print lab mixing colors and pulled this beauty. Finally proud of something I did. Enjoy!

Rat Mage DnD
8.5 x 11 Screen Print


Fixed Tentacles or Die

Sorry for the spelling error! Also new Canon EOS rebel T3i so now I can finally document some good work. I just need to get back to Portland where I can get better lighting.



Getting these two bad puppies on cassette thanks to Burger Records . Let the drool sesh begin.

Nobunny - First Blood

Witch - Self Titled (guitarist of Dinosaur Jr. solo stoner metal album)

So def check out Burger Records they have the hook up for tapes if you're into that sort of junk.